Where to Find Vegan Sport Sandals

Vegan Sport Sandals are a necessity in the warmer months for playing outside, chilling around camp or even short hikes.


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KEEN is hopefully going to be finished with their audit soon and then I’ll find out whether or not their glues are synthetic. Until then, we have 100% synthetic options from Teva, LUNA & Chaco. So check them out on the Vegan Sport Sandals page and let me know what you think!

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    1. Thanks for passing this along, Xtie. When I first contacted Teva last summer there was a bit of confusion in that none of their footwear options are specifically labeled as vegan, and that’s where the reps were getting their information from. After some back and forth, it was determined that the Original Sandal, Original Universal Sandal, and Universal Flip were all completely synthetic, including the glues used.

      I contacted them again today after I saw your comment and received the same answer you did. After explaining to them what I was told last year, they gave me the number to contact their corporate office for more information. I’ll call them and let you know what I find out.

      This happens a lot with customer service reps. If something doesn’t say ‘vegan’ on it, they assume it’s not, without checking into it any further. Hopefully nothing has changed since I last checked in with them, but I’ll find out!

    2. Ok, so! I just got off the phone with a representative at the Teva corporate office. I explained the situation. She told me that none of their sandals are vegan, but couldn’t tell me why another rep confirmed that the sandals I’ve listed on this page are vegan, or what materials are making them not vegan.

      She’s going to email the manufacturing department to find out. I’ll add a note above that I’m awaiting information and update as soon as I hear back.


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