Where to Find Vegan Hiking Socks

How many times have you picked up a pair of hiking socks, thinking they look pretty good, only to turn them over and see that they contain wool? I’ve definitely been there!

I’ve turned this post into an actual gear page, which you can find here: Where to Find Vegan Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Vermont Women's Coolmax

Each of these companies makes many styles, so be sure you’re purchasing the synthetic versions.

What are your go-to hiking socks? Check out the comments below and then head on over to the Vegan Hiking Socks gear page.

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Comments (06)

  1. Darn Tough all the way! They make great socks for running as well, thin to medium cushion. I would really like to see a company make a full on heavy weight sock for winter.

    1. Hey Jim! Thanks for your comment! I have a pair of Darn Tough running socks, too and I’m really happy when them. Have you ever had to return a pair when they wear out? My Darn Toughs are still pretty new so I’m wondering if they really do last forever.

      1. I’ve had one pair for a couple of years and still holding strong! Others are newer so time will tell but the use you will get out of them will well surpass any expectations .

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