Where to Find Vegan Mountaineering Boots

Last updated 5/18/17

Please read this disclaimer before purchasing.

The following boots are not every day hiking boots. They’re mountaineering boots and are not flexible enough for most hikes. See the recommendations from Asolo in each description.


Arc’teryx Acrux AR GTX Mountaineering Boots – Men’s

The Arc’teryx Acrux AR GTX Mountaineering Boots is a pinnacle of design for mountaineering, ice and mixed climbing, the Acrux AR is the lightest, most durable, and lowest profile insulated double boot available. Available in men’s sizes only. limited sizing left.


Asolo AFS Evoluzione

Asolo AFS Evoluzione

The Asolo AFS Evoluzione is for serious cold weather mountaineering. Asolo recommends it for “scrambling on icewalls and icefalls and suitable for winter works on the mountain.” The warm liner is made of velveteen, which can sometimes contain silk, but I verified with Asolo that this boot is completely synthetic. The outer boot is waterproof and provides support and stability, while still being lightweight. Available in men’s sizes only.


LaSportiva Baruntse

LaSportiva’s Baruntse are equipped with a PU coated 2-layer PE insulating outer boot for durable warmth. Insulated with Ibi-thermo, a fibrous synthetic material with superb insulating properties that won’t conduct cold from the ground up and locks in natural heat produced by the feet.

Also in men’s.


La Sportiva Trango S Evo GTX

LaSportiva’s Trango S Evo GTX are some serious alpine mountaineering boots that have a 3D Flex ankle-hinge system which gives support for front-pointing while also staying flexible for walking. They’re waterproof and the Vibram soles give traction no matter what the surface conditions.

Also in men’s.


LaSportiva Trango Cube GTX

LaSportiva’s Trango Cube GTX seamless, waterproof upper with protective rand and direct-inject lacing system for maximum abrasion resistance and reduced weight. 

Also in men’s.


Mammut Eisfeld High GTX

Mammut’s Eisfeld High GTX boasts three different GORE-TEX® lining materials also perfect the Mammut FeetMap system. The small neoprene gaiter on the end of the shaft provides protection from dust, snow and small stones. Only in men’s.

Mammut Advanced Magic GTX

Mammut’s Magic Advanced High GTX crampon-compatible alpine boot impresses with its light weight, clean look and many technical features.  Also in men’s.

Mammut Magic Peak GTX

Mammut’s Magic Peak High GTX perfect fit makes this ultra-lightweight, fully crampon-compatible shoe essential for alpine climbing: the shape of the Magic Peak High GTX® is provided by an impressive robust organic Hybrid Shell made from TPU. Only in men’s.

Mammut Nordward 2.1 High

Mammut’s Nordward 2.1 High is a warm 2-in-1 gaiter-boot with a removable inner boot is the perfect companion on mountain tours, ice climbing projects and expeditions. It integrates the improved patented Base Fit® 2.0 technology with doubled heel straps for perfect heel support and reduced blistering. Sizing is Unisex.

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  1. Does anyone know about the Trango Tower Gtx’s? I have not contacted La Sportiva, but I will if no one knows!

    1. Thanks Chris! We just heard back from Mammut with a looooong list of vegan footwear. We’ll be adding to the site asap. ~ Jessica

  2. Hi,
    Spotted your’s and Peta’s recommendation and purchased a pair of Asolo Parete Nord GV boots only to find a sticker indicating leather. Asolo’s website doesn’t mention leather so I emailed them – and was told the Parete Nord GV “externally is composed of 100% synthetic.
    However under the tip there is a slice of suede that provides adequate bonding of the rubber tip.

    1. Hi Coral! I’m so sorry about this! I have an email from Asolo saying that the boots above are all completely synthetic. It’s unfortunate that there’s so much confusion surrounding what products are made of and what makes something vegan. I’m always very clear with what I’m looking for and if there’s any doubt I don’t include it on my site.

      That being said, there have been a few times with a few different companies where I’ve been assured that something is synthetic when it’s not, and short of me visiting factories or headquarters I just have to take the word of my contacts. It’s the whole reason I started this site and I think I am making things easier for people most of the time, but there are still instances of confusion and it’s really frustrating.

      I’ve emailed Asolo once again explaining what has happened and I’ll be taking the boot off of this list. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. ~Jessica

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