Vegan Hiking Socks

last updated on 5/12/17

How many times have you picked up a pair of hiking socks, thinking they look pretty good, only to turn them over and see that they contain wool? I’ve definitely been there!

Here are a few options for non-wool hiking socks:

Darn Tough Vermont

Made in Vermont, USA. Guaranteed for life. Darn Tough makes my absolute favorite hiking socks. You’ll rarely find me in any other socks while I’m on the trail.

Darn Tough makes both vegan and non-vegan socks. Most of their socks contain wool. Be sure to choose a style made with CoolMax or Thermolite.

Darn Tough Vermont Women's Coolmax
Darn Tough Vermont CoolMax Hiking Socks:  Coolmax® moves moisture away from your skin and dries fast while legendary Darn Tough construction brings comfort, durability and fit to the trail.

Micro Crew Cushion. Also in mens.

Boot Sock Full Cushion. Also in mens.


Perfect for skiing or just a cold day hike, Darn Tough Vermont Thermolite socks provide warmth without the added weight. Choose from three available styles:

Ultra-Light, also in men’s.

Cushion, women’s only.

Padded Cushion, also in men’s.


ecomade coolmax liner socks

EcoMade CoolMax Liner Socks
are made of recycled PET polyester and help keep your feet dry when worn under your hiking socks.


thorlo womens light crew sock

Thorlo makes specially padded socks to keep feet safe from pain and blisters. They also have ventilation panels to increase air flow.

Coolmax Light Hiker Crew Sock. Also in mens.


WrightSock Adventure

WrightSock Adventure

WrightSock Adventure is their most cushioned outdoor performance sock.  The inner layer cushioned from heel to toe and added yarns in outer layer provide maximum protection from blisters, added comfort and durability while hiking, trekking or backpacking.

WrightSock Escape

WrightSock Escape

WrightSock Escape is a versatile performance sock with a great fit and feel.  This Lightly Cushioned sock features hidden terry loops from the heel to toe for all day comfort hiking the trails.

WrightSock Cool Mesh II

WrightSock Cool Mesh II

WrightSock Cool Mesh II is their most breathable lightweight Double Layer and is designed for a minimal feel.  Ideal for running, walking, or light hiking.

Each of these companies makes many styles, so be sure you’re purchasing the synthetic versions. And hopefully you’ve got a pair of vegan hiking boots to go over your awesome new vegan hiking socks!


Beware of socks containing X20 Acrylic, which contains Chitosan, which is from crab and prawn shells. At this time, Wigwam has no synthetic, non-cotton vegan hiking socks.

Is this list missing anything? Let me know in the comments below!

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Comments (24)

  1. Hello, are there any vegan alternatives that do not have some form of petroleum? I have been looking for good plant alternatives, but have not found any. Cotton is basically a death sentence in the Adirondacks, and with the petroleum based socks I am worried about the environmental and wildlife impact of micro plastics.

  2. Hi, Jessica- I looked up the Darn Tough Cool Max Boot Full Cushion Socks – Men’s using the link above

    and this comes up on Amazon: Constructed from fine guage Merino wool which is naturally antimicrobial and antibacteria. Do you think that’s a mistake? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mychael,

      Sorry for the confusion! None of the Darn Tough Cool Max socks contain wool. Sometimes product descriptions on Amazon are incorrect, unfortunately. I’ll change the links so they lead directly to

      Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I’m glad you found some alternatives to wool, considering that the larger wool industry, particularly out of Australia, is a nightmare for sheep. But, the fact that these companies still sell wool socks makes me not want to give them my money.
    Do you know of any other companies that sell strictly vegan clothing, particularly socks?

  4. Hey Jessica,
    I found your page when searching if WrightSock are vegan. I can’t find them on this page. Is there anything wrong with them?
    Thanks Vera

  5. Hello there!

    I know that Wigwam has some socks that are vegan and are pretty good for hiking and cold weather! You should check them out!


    1. Hi Juan, thanks for your comment. I did have Wigwam on the list until a reader informed me that their Outdoor Pro Hiking Socks, while non-wool, actually contain animal products:

      “Yes, our X20® Acrylic contains chitosan which is the natural material found in the shells of crabs and prawns.”

      I’ll check in with them again and find out if there are other truly vegan options.

      Thanks! ~ Jessica

    2. Hi again Juan,

      I double checked with Wigwam and the only socks they have without the X20 Acrylic are either a cotton blend, which isn’t recommended for outdoor activities, or a synthetic uniform sock. Bummer. ~ Jessica

  6. Trekking the Himalayas this fall. 2nd time there. 1st time as a vegan. Concerned with warmth in high altitudes. Already considering liner with one of these brands. Has anyone tried out a liner/one of these brands combo?

  7. I have the shorter, ankle version of the Thorlo Coolmax and I love them! I love the extra cushioning and actually use them as my running socks in the winter! Will have to try the Darned Tough ones next!

    1. Hi Rebeccake8! I guess this would depend on how cold the temperatures were going to be and how warm your boots are. I wear mine in the winter, but I don’t hike too much when it’s super freezing cold. The Darn Tough Coolmax Socks that I have aren’t very thick so I wouldn’t wear them in subzero temps without some other layers. You could also do a sock liner under the socks for extra warmth. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. ~ Jessica

  8. I guess that I’m missing something here. When I go to the Darn Tough website, it appears to me that their socks contain wool?

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