Vegan Hiking Sock Giveaway

Hello, friends! It’s been awhile, and I apologize for my relative absence lately.

But I’ve got some exciting news: My friends at Fountain Square Outfitters have offered to team up with me for a giveaway!

We’ll be giving away one pair of Darn Tough Vermont Coolmax vegan hiking socks (my personal fave) to one lucky winner.

Photo credit: Darn Tough Vermont,

Photo credit: Darn Tough Vermont,

Darn Tough Vermont Coolmax socks are awesome because they keep my feet dry and comfy on all of my adventures. They wick away moisture and dry quickly.

Just enter here:

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Contest is currently open and runs until December 13th at 12:00am EST. I’ll be announcing the winner and contacting them via email before 5:00pm EST on December 13th. Good luck!

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  1. Darn Tough socks helped me get through the Appalachian Trail relatively blister-free! I only got them twice after some serious torrential rain so it was pretty much unavoidable. They held up so well though; I love ’em to death and would love to have another pair that hasn’t been so worn out! I did rock the Coolmaxs (Coolmaxes?) the whole time too as all my gear was/is vegan!!!

  2. Hiking socks, woohoo!

    Okay, next adventure is likely to be nordic skiing here at Happy Jack recreation center, but the snowy range also begs us to bring our snowshoes and find a romantic cabin to spend a weekend in! Either way, We’ve got winter covered!

  3. Not that i’m rich, but a pair with a lifetime guarantee for $15 felt actually more cost-effective than tons of cheap cotton socks achieving their holes each year..
    So i already own a pair of vegan Darn Toughs and advised my best friend to try them, too. But as she don’t feels the same way about paying 15 bucks for a pair of socks, i’ll try to win them for her in this knight duel.
    And, well, as i’m half of the world far from my hometown,it feels strange to write something about any “next trip” – I haven’t yet finished this one 🙂

  4. I really want to try out these socks 🙂
    I’m going to be getting some winter hiking and also snowshoeing in this season!

  5. Hi Jess! Good to see you active again. Is the giveaway open to people outside the US? Also, just wanted to let you know that I visited the FB page of Fountain Square Outfitters and was rather distressed to be greeted by a cover photo of a man holding a suffocating fish. I know you don’t have control over what your non-vegan partners put on their page, but I imagine most of your readers will not appreciate this.

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for your message and I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. The folks at FSO kindly changed their cover photo after we saw this message. Hope you’re enjoying your winter so far! ~Jessica

  6. Trying to do this on my phone. The link in the entry area, the one that requests you to leave a comment, didn’t seem to be working. It was leading to a 404 page. Yay! Vegan socks!!!!

    – Memo

  7. I love dark tough socks!!! They last so long, and they are also great for long back country trips when you dorm always have a clean pair for each day. They are a staple in my backpacking gear, and I’d love to take a giveaway pair into the High Sierras near mokelumne wilderness! I’m hoping to bag either Roundtop or Dogwood Peak. Happy trails fellow vegans!

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