Where to Find Vegan Hiking Boots

updated 12/8/20


Altra Lone Peak

The female-specific Lone Peak 4.0 Mid has been winning the hearts of ladies across the globe. From avid thru-hikers to ultrarunners to weekend warriors, more and more women are falling in love with the Lone Peak as they chase their dreams and enjoy the trails.
Also in men’s.
(Photo: rei.com)


Arc'teryx Bora Mid GTX

Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX

The Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX is waterproof and breathable with Vibram soles and Adaptive Fit independent liners that conform to the feet for a custom fit with no pressure points
(Photo: rei.com)

Eco Vegan Shoes

Eco Vegan Shoes All Terrain Pro Hiker

Eco Vegan Shoes All Terrain Pro Hiker

Eco Vegan Shoes is a vegan shoe company, obviously, and their All Terrain Pro Hiker is sturdy and water resistant. Check them out and support an all-vegan company!
(Photo: eco-vegan-shoes.com)



Lowa Innox Pro Mid

Lowa’s Innox Pro Mid mid cut boot for added ankle protection. Includes moisture-wicking linings and rubber outsoles for traction.
Also in men’s.


Lowa Innox Pro GTX Mid

Lowa’s Innox Pro GTX Mid is a great option for moving fast and light, and staying dry.
Also in men’s.
(Photo: rei.com)


Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid Gore-Tex

Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid Gore-Tex

The Merrell MQM Flex 2 Mid Gore-Tex is waterproof and will protect your feet while allowing you to move quickly.
Also in men’s.
(Photo: rei.com)

Merrell Zion FST Mid Waterproof

Merrell Zion FST Mid Waterproof

The Merrell Zion FST Mid Waterproof is waterproof with breathable mesh lining.
Also in men’s.
(Photo: rei.com)


TrekSta now has a vegan tab right on their website!

TrekSta’s Cape Mid GTX is an excellent winter performance boot with GORE-TEX® XCR and Partelena insulated lining, combining waterproofing with fleece-like warmth.
Also in men’s.
(Photo: trekstausa.com)


TrekSta Evolution 161 Mid GTX

The TrekSta Evolution 161 Mid GTX was named Editor’s Choice in 2011 by Backpacker Magazine, and for good reason. Gore-Tex makes these boots breathable, while still being waterproof and the IceLock/HyperGrip sole helps with traction in any condition.
Also available in men’s.)

Check out the TrekSta Evolution Mid GTX Vegan Hiking Boot Review by Jim Van Alstine to find out more!

TrekSta’s Nevado Mid GTX is an excellent waterproof rugged hiker.
Also in men’s.
(Photo: trekstausa.com)

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes Approach Mid

Vegetarian Shoes Approach Mid

The Approach Mid is a new hiking boot from the all vegan company Vegetarian Shoes. They are breathable, water resistant and lightweight. Padded insoles and tongue also make these boots comfy.

Vegetarian Shoes Veggie Trekker MK5

Vegetarian Shoes Veggie Trekker MK5

Vegetarian Shoes has said that their new Veggie Trekker MK5 is their best boot yet! They’re water resistant and breathable with Vibram soles for serious traction.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Shoes Hiking Boots

Wills Vegan Shoes Hiking Boots

Another hiking boot from an all vegan company! The WVSport Waterproof Hiking Boots are waterproof with Vibram for grip and are ethically made in Italy.
(Photo: wills-vegan-store.com)

Is this list missing anything? Let me know in the comments below!


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Comments (136)

  1. Hi first of all thank you for the awesome page it helps a lot, I want to ask you about the Xero Shoes what you think of the xcursion model, they claim those mid’s are Vegan.

    If you have comment about it I will like to know it.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I have been desperately searching for some XX-wide vegan boots (or even shoes). There are literally none. I think this is a disgrace on the vegan shoe industry who should know better. We wideys are being excluded and forced to destroy cows. Basically, they’re pitting vegans against vegans. Disgusting.

    When I find a pair, if I ever do, I am really hoping you will put it on this site to help people like me in the future.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Carlos, I have heard this concern many, many times. I’m not sure why it’s been so difficult to find wide vegan boots. Have you contacted any companies directly? Maybe they don’t realize there is demand for such a product.

  3. I was happy to come across this site while looking for vegan hiking boots. Please keep on doing what you’re doing! Up-to-date listings are so helpful!

  4. Whether I am looking for a sturdy pair of vegan winter hiking boots or shoes for short forest strolls.Thankfully i’ve done all the research and found the best vegan hiking boots for women.Vegan hiking boots need to be strong, durable and rugged http://bestofgears.com

  5. I got the Keen Terradora and love it! Before I had the Merrell Capra Sport (which I don’t think they make anymore), but I like the Keen Terradora better because it’s more comfortable and not as narrow. Not sure why they said they “aren’t sure” about the glue they use. My friend works in QA for Keen and said the glue is synthetic. Worth contacting them again to verify

  6. Well not only am I having a great deal of trouble finding men’s vegan boots but I can not find any in a wide sizes. I can’t wear a D and it looks like I’ll have to get something or give up hiking and climbing. Would risk a boot that is not leather but the glue is unknown. Any ideas as I need boots as of yesterday and have been looking for Hours.

      1. Thanks for the info but there Vegan boots are not really the kind I’m looking for need a traditional hiking boot. Still looking I don’t why they don’t make a wide vegan boot? We wide feet people are not that rare

        1. I feel your pain John Penn, I’m on the same search! Waiting to hear back from Lowa, they have vegan boots, and wide boots but I don’t know if they have a wide, vegan boot!

          1. That’s the problem wide vegan boots. The Europeans seem to have narrow feet anyways and I guess never suffered from an ingrown toenail because the boot are to tight. I’ve been able to find running shoes that are wide enough but not boots and getting a size larger dose not work as they are to big overall. So I keep looking too. I found one pair of boots that are wide on Amazon that are Synthetic but I don’t know about the glue so I think I’m going with them just don’t have a choice. Help somebody

        2. Hi John,

          I am reporting that you are not alone and I feel your pain. I am searching. Did you find any wide vegan boots or even shoes?

          I have XX-wide feet and I guess I am going to be forced to kill a cow or get cold snow in my broken shoes in the harsh Canadian winter. We wideys are excluded, left out of having comfort and safety because companies will not do anything for the sake of kindness.

          I have considered having them custom made. This company seems to be out of stock though. https://www.thedrifterleather.com/product/foris-boots-vegan-in-brown-pinatex

          Best of luck,


  7. I have studied and heard a lot about vegan boots, but haven’t tried them yet. The shoes that I am using right now are not vegan, but are extremely comfortable and stylish, https://www.otbtshoes.com/collections/boots, my OTBT boot collection is really a great one, but I am looking forward to try vegan boots in near future.

  8. Hi!

    I e-mailed Trespass about vegan hiking boots and got this answer:

    at the moment we cannot guarantee that our products are suitable for
    vegans. This something we are looking at going forward, to make sure our
    factories are not using animal glue, however at the moment this is not
    the case.
    I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you, Claire.

    Maybe you wanna edit this on your blog post about the companies who can’t guarantee vegan friendly boots.


  9. This was a great article to find! Thank you!

    I did a lot of scouring around Alberta in Mark’s Work Wearhouse, The Shoe Company, and SportChek/Atmosphere, but landed at a store that sold Treksta called Valhalla Pure Outfitters. I tried on the two boots on your list (the Treksta Cape Mid GTX and the Evolution Mid GTX, now updated as the Evolution Mid 161 GTX), but ended up with some Oboz Scapegoat Mid boots instead. *maaaaaah!* They fit really well and are all synthetic if you’d like to add them to your list: https://obozfootwear.com/products/scapegoat-mid/


  10. Thank you so much for this list. It’s quite elaborate. I have just one question, if you folks have used any of these shoes – I need something which will have a strong grip on wet rocks, I scramble a bit and UK weather is wet at times (my scrambles graded below 1),
    also looking for some more insole support than what I presently have on my Arpenaz 100.

    Please help me find shoes with good grip on wet surfaces.

    1. Hi Harita, I’m a huge fan of the Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex. They’re extremely grippy on wet surfaces and very lightweight. ~ Jessica

  11. I have searched high and low for boots to use as an arborist that are fully vegan. I can’t wait for these companies to recognize that there are a bunch of us out here wanting sturdy work boots for different situations that don’t contain animal products. It seems like many of the really sturdy hiking boots that work for tree climbing and ground work combined are almost vegan, but then they have little strips of leather or “leather uppers.” Ugh! Thanks for continuing to do the research and providing us with the latest, Jessica!

  12. This is a great site! Thanks so much! I was looking at the Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex boots via the link you posted (amazon.com.) I am in Canada, so I checked if they were available on amazon.ca and found them, but they were described as containing leather. I saw this mentioned in another discussion recently too.
    I checked the Merrell site and this boot apparently isn’t synthetic – at least that’s what their site says. Ugh. Why is it so hard to find a decent boot that doesn’t contain parts of bodies??? :,(
    Lots of great boots listed here and it’s very much appreciated! Unfortunately, most hiking boots (vegan or not) are too expensive for me.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I know there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the Merrell Capras, and I’m going to update the product description here. The entire Capra line isn’t vegan, but the ones I have linked above, the Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex are 100% vegan.

      The best part about Merrell is that you can search for vegan options (on the left side of the screen under ‘Benefit’). >> http://www.merrell.com/CA/en_CA/search?q=capra#q=capra&prefn1=productType&prefn2=technologyCollection&prefv1=SH&prefv2=Vegan%20Friendly

      As far as expense goes, I don’t know what type of hiking you usually do, but a good pair of trail runners can be a cheaper way to get out on the trails, providing that you don’t need the ankle support of a boot.

      Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Kelly, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We reached out to Salomon again last week and were forwarded to a footwear manager. Here’s what he said:

      “Thanks for your inquiry. Vegan shoes are always a tough one because there are different levels of classification for people to claim ‘vegan friendly’. Most of our products are full textile and synthetic materials that are used. However, it is still extremely difficult to get away from glues that don’t have animal products in them. This is the case for pretty much every manufacturer of footwear. So from a materials standpoint, we have plenty of products that don’t have leather materials. From an adhesion standpoint, I cannot confirm that the products don’t have glues that are vegan friendly.”

      I’m pretty disappointed and hope that in the future they can guarantee all vegan glues.


      1. No worries, I really appreciate that you reached out to them. Yes, the list is from 2015 and I didn’t see any updates either. I just thought I would ask you about your own timeline for when you had checked. I saw your post was updated in 2017 which was great, but didn’t know which sections were updated, or if they all were. I really appreciate your dedication to keeping this posting current! It is really a shame that Salomon can’t commit to vegan adhesives.

    2. I also noticed that the link you included is vegan8’s 2015 list. It looks like they don’t have a more updated list.

  13. Although they are not made to hike in the mountains, I love the sneakers from Cammina Leggero. They are really solid, I’ve been travelling in Asia and doing some one day hike, sometimes in the rocks, no problem thanks to the Vibram sole. I like how great they are for a casual evening in town AND useful and confortable outdoor in the wild. I just lost them yesterday…

  14. Hi Jessica,
    First of all thank you so much for such a great information and all the hard-work. I found your website very useful. I am planning to buy a vegan hiking boots and as I Googled for it your website was the first in the list. Now, I am just searching for the above mentioned boots in my city. Till now I have only found Lowa Innox GTX Mid. They were great but I would like to check other boots too. Its really difficult to find the vegan hiking boots.

    I would like to suggest one thing/information. Could it be possible if you could mention that “Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex” is vegan boot in US? Because in German website they have mentioned “pig leather” in the information.

    1. Hi Arpit, thanks for your comment. Is it definitely the Mid Sport Gore-Tex? Merrell does make a few other Capra variations and some of them are leather. ~ Jessica

      1. Hi Jessica, thanks for your reply. I checked again and it turned-out that you are right. The German one is one of the Capra variation. The one you suggested above is “Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex” and the one I mentioned is “Merrell Capra Mid Gore-Tex”. Sorry for the confusion.
        Just for the information, here is the list of Vegan hiking shoes by Merrell available in Germany:
        For Men: http://www.merrell.com/DE/de_DE/vegane-schuhe-fuer-herren/#prefn1=bestFor&prefv1=Wandern
        For Women: http://www.merrell.com/DE/de_DE/vegane-schuhe-fuer-damen/#prefn1=bestFor&prefv1=Wandern

  15. I am glad i have come across your site as i was searching for a high quality vegan snow boots that would be good for snowshoeing and hiking in the snow. I did come across quite some such as Cougar, Bog, Kamik, Sorel, Merrell etc. that carry at least one vegan model. However, i saw that boots by Kamik and other companies are made in China. It is well-known that they do not have strict inspection and regulations where they often actually use raccoon dogs and other animals’ fur and label the fur as faux fur. I felt as if i purchased for a vegan pair of snow boots that is made in USA the vegan labeling would be honest due to strict regulations in USA. What do you think/know?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      US made and ethically made products are near and dear to us, and we’re working on improving VeganOutdoordventures.com to highlight which products reflect these ideals. I have an email out to Kamik right now regarding items made in China. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back.


    1. Hi Ram, We’ve been having a bit of a hard time getting an answer from Adidas. We’ll update as soon as we hear back from them. ~ Jessica

      1. I’m confused. Isn’t this boot on the list above? There’s a question about it’s vegan status now? Can someone explain how this list is compiled if it’s not 100% confirmed?

        I have been referring to this list for a while now and the only boots on it I remotely like on it are the Adidas but I have been putting off the purchase, hoping that more options would come on the market. The others just seem to be unavailable or incredibly unattractive. ((sigh))

        1. Hi Meredith,

          I apologize for the confusion.

          To compile the lists included on this website, I or my assistant personally contact each company to confirm which items are completely synthetic.

          Originally I was assured that Adidas used synthetic glues and so the non-leather shoes, including the Terrex Swift Mid GTX, are vegan. When my assistant contacted them recently to reconfirm any new vegan products, she was told that “I apologize but we currently don’t have any vegan products. All of our shoes products contain leather in them. ”

          I believe that this is another case where the person who receives our inquiry is simply not taking the time to find the correct information. In the past, some people have assumed that a product is made with animal products just because it’s not labeled as ‘vegan’ by the company.

          I’m trying again to reconfirm and find someone who can give us the correct information. It’s unfortunate, but often with companies that are as large as Adidas, trying to find someone who will take the time to help is difficult.

          I’m reluctant to remove this boot from the list, because I believe the most recent information we’ve been given is incorrect. It’s very clear that all of Adidas shoes are not leather. I’m currently doing everything I can to reconfirm that they are vegan. Please feel free to also contact Adidas: 800-982-9337 or customerservice@us.adidas.com


          1. Thanks, Jessica. Yes, I agree, something isn’t right because Adidas certainly offers many non-leather options. The glues are another story and it would be really nice to know where they stand on that. I just hope that the original info you were given was correct, as well – for those that have already made the purchase. I will certainly contact Adidas and try to help out. Wondering if you have tried “Twitter Shaming” them into a response. Coming from your Twitter handle, it may get a better response since the inquiry is public. 🙂

            I did find that Vivobarefoot still has some vegan hiking shoes on their website (and they are discounted heavily on Amazon). So that’s an option to add to the list: http://www.vivobarefoot.com/us/womens/off-road/hiker-sg-womens?colour=Black

            Thank you for this great site. I know doing all this research is not easy.

  16. I would love some help. I have a seriously vegan child and I am in need of some hiking and/or regular (short) boots – size 4 – kids.

    They need to be waterproof – but “cool” enough for an image conscious pre teen.

    I have no idea where to begin and the rain will be starting soon.

    1. Hi Helen, I’m sorry I missed this comment until now! I’ve been looking for kids vegan hikers on and off for a while now and haven’t had any luck. Did you come up with anything since you posted this? ~ Jessica

      1. Kamik has vegan boots for adults and they also have many boots for kids. I wouldn’t be surprised they did have some vegan boots for kids.

  17. Thanks for this great information!!

    I’m wondering if anyone can personally recommend any of these boots? I tried the La Sportiva on in the store and found the sole to be rather uncomfortable. It seems like a solid boot but fear my feet will hurt a few miles into a hike.

    I’m considering the Arc’teryx but they’re very pricey and I hear they take forever to break in.

    Because my ankles can be a little wobbly, I need something with a solid material, not just comfortable cushioning. And of course, waterproof and breathable are preferred!!

    thanks for any personal recommendations!

  18. Really helpful. Thank you! I struggled a while back to find my first pair of vegan boots and now I feel like I have options! Am liking the Arc’teryx Bora Mid GTX but struggling to find them in the UK in my size. Do we know if the Bora2’s are also vegan?

    Cheers, Mel

  19. What a fab site – thank you for setting this up Jessica. My current walking boots have sprung a leak, the problem is they are so comfortable. They are Regatta Lady Alpha Pro VXT and they have lasted me a good few years but the stitching has now split on the top. I thought these were Vegan at the time but now not so sure. The materials are described as synthetic but I am not sure whether PU leather (made from animal leather) can be classed as synthetic and therefore not require the leather symbol? Perhaps you could advise me? Parts of the trimming have that ‘leather look’ so not sure if it is purely synthetic or that bonded leather. There appears to be confusion on the internet as to what is PU leather. Ebay state that PU leather is totally synthetic but I believe it could also mean that it is leather bonded with polyurethane.

    1. Hi Angie! Thanks so much for the kind words. I’ll check into the Regatta boots. Many companies label their materials differently and I’m not familiar with this one. So I’ll find out and let you know.


    2. Hi again, Angie! Regatta has confirmed that the PU leather is synthetic. There’s no animal leather in the Lady Alpha Pro VXT boots. They’re checking on glues and will let me know in a couple of weeks. I’ll pass along the info as soon as I hear back. 🙂

  20. Hi,have found these lists so informative and time saving, thankyou. Have you heard of Ethical Wares? Mail order vegan hiking boots and shoes as well as other other vegan goodies based in Wales, U.K. On my third pair of Ranger boots! Anyway, hope this is useful and keep up the great work.

  21. I sent an email to Mammut a few days ago and they confirmed that the following list of shoes is vegan, including the glue:
    Nordwand High GTX
    Eiswand GTX
    Eisfeld High GTX Men
    Magic Peak High GTX Men
    Magic Advanced High GTX Women
    Magic Advanced High GTX Men

    Comfort High GTX SURROUND Women
    Comfort High GTX SURROUND Men
    Comfort Low GTX SURROUND Women
    Comfort Low GTX SURROUND Men
    T Aenergy GTX Women
    T Aenergy GTX Men
    T Cirrus Mid GTX Women
    T Cirrus Mid GTX Men

    Ultimate Low GTX Women
    Ultimate Low GTX Men
    MTR 201 Dyneema Tech Low Men
    MTR 201 Tech Low Women
    MTR 201 Tech Low Men
    MTR 201 Pro Low Women
    MTR 201 Pro Low Men
    MTR 201 Low Women
    MTR 201 Low Men
    MTR 141 Protect Low GTX Women
    MTR 141 Protect Low GTX Men
    MTR 141 Low GTX Women
    MTR 141 Low GTX Men
    MTR 141 Low Women

    I got myself a pair Comfort High GTX. They have a tiny bit of fake leather, and they are very comfortable.

  22. Thank you so much for this information!

    I purchased the Merrell Capras (in purple!). I thought the would work when I tried them on but I just wore them for my first 10 mile hike and they were definitely too snug. Looks like I will be purchasing them in a larger size. Has anyone else found that they run a little small?

    If anyone is interested in the Capras, size 7 with only 10-12 miles on them let me know 🙂

    1. Hey Jessica!

      I’m trying to set up forums on the site for just this reason! But it’s a bit more complicated than I expected. If you’d like, I can share this info on the Facebook page and see if anyone’s interested in your boots. Let me know!


      1. Hi Jessica,
        That would be great!

        I don’t personally have a Facebook account but I can see posts comments, so I could get in touch with them if they are interested.
        Thanks for your help! Such a great idea. It is hard to know if something will work for you until you test it! Walking around the apartment just doesn’t do it!



        1. So! I just finished getting the forums set (I think!).

          If you’d like, there’s a box on the sidebar to register. I set up a Gear Exchange board that you could post this on. And then I’ll post a link to your post on Facebook to get people over to it. Sound good?

          I totally know what you mean. Walking around indoors doesn’t give you the full picture about your boots at all!


          1. Hi Jessica,
            Where is the gear exchange forum located? I registered but now can’t seem to locate it.


  23. you so freaking rock, i want to have your babies!
    rob ;;{P>
    ps: do you have any bumper stickers so I can represent?!

  24. Thanks so much for providing this information! I thought I’d let you know that having just ordered a pair of Mammut TAenergy GTX, they actually have a leather logo on them – I’m trying to get in contact with the company now to find out if it’s just a particular year that this is the case. Will let you know if I hear back.

    1. Hi Amy!

      Thank you so much for this information. Do you mean that the actual logo on the shoe is made of leather, or that there’s a tag that lists leather on it?

      Definitely let me know what they say. What a bummer!


      1. Just wanted to clarify, in case anyone is awaiting the response from Mammut on this issue. They’ve confirmed that the T Aenergy boots do not have any leather on them. It seems like the store where the boots were purchased had them labelled wrong.

        Thanks for the detective work, Amy! 🙂

  25. Hi there, thanks a lot for sharing you research!
    Do you know what’s up with Salewa? Have they stated that they use animal based glues, or are they just not sure?

    The shoes seller I went to have suggested my Salewa Firetail Evo as a vegan shoe, and I wonder if they made a little research about their glues origins and labeled this shoe a vegan.

    1. Hi Gal,

      Here’s the email I received from Salewa:

      Thanks for the effort you’ve put forth in wanting to inform consumers. Unfortunately, we do not have a policy that claims 100% animal free byproduct on any of our shoes. Many of our shoes are manufactured with suede. Some of our models are synthetic but again, I cannot offer a shoe that has the guarantee you’re looking for. Please reach out if you have any other questions.

      The issue I’ve come across a lot is that either they have multiple manufacturing facilities or switch their glues from time to time and have no oversight as to what’s being used on the shoes at any particular time. And with some companies, it really seems as if they just don’t care enough to find out or confirm anything.

      If you’d like, here is Salewa’s contact information: http://www.salewa.us/en/contacts/ The more people who contact them asking for vegan products, the better!


      1. Too bad…
        Well, Zamberlan then.
        I’ll contact them to add some costumers’ pressure.

        Thanks a lot!

        1. Hi Gal,

          I’ve really heard nothing but good about Zamberlan. I don’t own any of their shoes myself, but if you do get some I hope you like them!

          Let me know what Salewa says if you do contact them.


  26. Thank you for the great article on vegan footwear. I share your same desire to find cruelty free clothing, however, I haven’t been able to find anything that goes farther than vegan/vegetarian. I am also greatly concerned with the ethical treatment of the workers whom produce these. I’ve tried very hard to find US made products, or products with semi-transparent materials sourcing information. It is harder than it sounds. GOTS and other certifications have helped a little in the way of ethical treatment of the industrial countries where we get 98% of our wearables. Do you have any resources to help in this area? Thanks again for your research.

    1. Hi David! Thanks for your comment, and the kind words! 🙂

      I completely agree with you, and you’re not the first to suggest adding working conditions/US made/ecofriendly information and I am planning on doing so. Have you checked out http://vegan8.me/vegan-athletic-shoes/vegan-athletic-shoes-2014/ yet? It’s a very comprehensive list of many, many, many athletic shoe companies, including information on vegan options and working conditions.

      Let me know if this helps!


      1. Excellent! I have just skimmed through it right now, but this is such a positive thing that you and the person/people running vegan8.me compile this information for us consumers. I can’t wait to get some time off work and sit down and read into that site, thank you again!

  27. Hi there, Jess!

    Thanks so much for putting together this site, with all this fantastic information. We really need a site like this, so thanks for doing this!

    I am considering the Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore Tex, and see you like it. But there is a negative review of the boot on Trail Space–the main point the reviewer makes is that it is a flimsy shoe that could be bent when traversing over rugged terrain. See the link below.
    What do you think of this point?


    Also, I see the Merrell Capra works for your narrow foot. My foot is wide across the top and narrow on the bottom. Should I look for another shoe and have you heard of a vegan boot for women that is wide across the toe box but fitted in the heel?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Angela! So sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. It really means a lot to me to hear that people are finding my work helpful! 🙂

      So I read the review that you attached. I don’t know how much I can compare because here in the Adirondacks we have hard dirt and large rocks and roots on trails. So I’ve never hiked in scree and talus and don’t know what that’s like in any shoes. I don’t think that the Capras are flimsy at all for the types of trails I’ve been on with them. I love them. And while they are very lightweight, I haven’t encountered any situations yet where I felt they were inadequate in any aspect. So I guess it’ll depend on what typed of hikes you’ll be doing. And if you live near any retailers that sell the boots you could always check them out yourself and see if they’re hardy enough for you.

      I don’t know of any boots that are wider across the top off the top of my head. But let me pose this question to the Facebook page. I usually get some great input there. (I’m also working on setting up forums here on the site. I think they’ll be perfect for situations like this where someone is looking for specifics.)

      I’ll let you know what I find out!

        1. Hey Angela!

          Just wanted to make sure you saw the reply on Facebook about boot suggestions for you:

          Yes, Keen makes a great wide toe box hiking boot called Marshall. I have a pair. I need a wide toe box too and these are so comfy I wear them everyday. Only thing is, they are hard to find in my size. I’m a 7 and I guess these are not made anymore? Anyway, Google Keen Marshall boots. I want another pair too.

          Keen is currently auditing their supply chain and will let me know about their glues hopefully by summer. But at least it’s a start!


  28. Hi Jess,

    First off, your website is one the most comprehensive sources of vegan-friendly hiking gear information I have come across online. People like me are indebted to you for stitching together this no-critter-cruelty encyclopedia.

    I am in the process of replacing my old (leather) Hi-Tec mid hiking boots with one of the three following options:
    1. TrekSta Evolution Mid GTX Men’s
    2. Zamberlan SH Crosser Plus GTX RR
    3. Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex

    I came across detailed, well-written reviews for the first two but haven’t found one yet for the Capra Mid Sport on your website or on the internet. Do you happen to know of someone who owns a pair and would be willing to spare their precious time to talk about it? I think I also read somewhere that you owned a pair and were planning to write a review.

    Much appreciated and many thanks!

    1. Hi Sandy!

      Thank you so much for the kind words! Being vegan and hiking are two of my most favorite things, so combining them and helping others is so much fun for me! I’m so glad you’ve found the site helpful!

      I do have a pair of the Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex boots and I love ’em! I’m planning on posting a review after I’ve used them a few more times. So far I’ve worn them on three day hikes, ranging from 5 to 8 miles, all in the mountains. There has been ice (used microspikes), mud, water, rock, you name it. These boots are awesome. They’re comfy (some people have said that Merrells run narrow in the toes, but I think they’re perfect… I do have narrow feet though, so…) They’re really lightweight, get good traction and my feet stayed dry, even though I’ve been sloshing in a ton of water and mud with them. (Sad that they won’t stay pretty purple and blue forever haha!) The only think I’m not sure about is breathability. They’re Gore-Tex so they should be, but I wore heavy socks for all the hikes so my feet got pretty warm, but I think that’s why.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about the Capras! I can’t speak highly enough about them!


      1. Thanks for your response, Jess. I’ve narrowed down my options to the Zamberlans or the Merrells. Have to wait for my next paycheck to go in for the kill ;-]

  29. I’m thinking of getting the Merrell Capras, but the real question is: black or purple?! I know black goes with more things, but the purple ones just look so cool. I’m seriously torn, haha.

  30. Hiya! Thank you so much for this list! I’m in the need of a good pair of hiking boots, preferable reasonable priced (I’m a student). I need them for when I’m going to climb/hike Kilimanjaro this summer. Any advice on which would be a good fit? I need some that aren’t too slim as I have malleolus/bunions on my feet by the joints on my big toes. I hope you can help! 🙂
    – Laura

    1. Hi Laura! Wow, climbing Kilimanjaro will be amazing! I hope you have an amazing trip! I’d recommend checking out the Zamberlan SH Crosser Plus GTX RRthe (check out the review here) or Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex (just bought a pair for myself and I’m in love with them). You may want to find a store nearby that sells them so you can try them on and make sure they’re not too tight around your toes. Basically you want to make sure that your boots are comfortable, waterproof and have good traction. And wear them a bunch before you head to Tanzania so you don’t get any surprise blisters. Hope this helps! Let me know what you think. ~Jessica

    1. Hey Kristiina! I hadn’t heard of Ahnu before, but I did look them up. I searched vegan on their site and one of the shoes that came up is leather? Maybe I read it wrong, but I did email them and they directed me to their corporate office, which is by phone only, and the same corporate office as Teva (Decker). It was such a headache trying to get info about Teva and they haven’t even gotten back to me after checking with manufacturing. But I’ll try and get in touch with them again and ask about Ahnu, too. Fingers crossed! ~Jessica

  31. I was just on the Vegetarian Shoes site and it says they are discontinuing the Veggie Trekker – so if you want a pair, better act fast. 🙂

    1. Hey Brenda! Good call! Vegetarian Shoes is introducing the newest Veggie Trekker, the MK5, next month, so they are discontinuing the MK4 version. Maybe they’ll have some at a discounted price once stock gets low! 😉 I’m loving the look of the two newer boots they’re coming out with. The Approach Mid, along with the MK5, look pretty awesome. I’d love to try them out myself. And I have to add them to this list! ~Jessica

  32. The Merrell Grassbow’s look like their being discontinued 🙁 I had those boots and loved them

    1. Hey Erin, looks like it, unfortunately. They still have the low top Grassbow hiking shoes on the site though. I’ve gotta make a page for those types of shoes. There are some good ones out there! And maybe Merrell will come out with a new boot that will be awesome! ~Jessica

    2. Hi. Found this site. So exciting.
      I went to the Merrell website and the hiking gassbow sports say “Vegan friendly”. So is it safe the the grassbow air and the grassbow sport waterproof are vegan or is it only the sport mid?

      1. Hi Julija! Merrel is awesome when it comes to knowing what’s vegan and what’s not. I completely trust their vegan label on their products. I need to add a low top hiking shoe page and I’ll definitely include the Grassbow Sport Waterproof on there! ~Jessica

  33. Hey I am back! So I kept my Zamberlins in the correct size, and plan to keep using them on dry warm hikes. But I finally found my warm snow hikers too! It seems you found them as well – I just got the Mammut’s and wore them on a three day backpacking / snowshoeing trip and they were amazing! http://www.sierratradingpost.com/mammut-t-aenergy-gore-tex-hiking-boots-waterproof-for-women~p~6947k/?filterString=s~mammut-women-boot%2F&colorFamily=04

    I HIGHLY recommend these for cooler weather hiking. They also provide a lot of great ankle support, which I need all the time, but especially when carrying a pack full of winter backpacking gear. I waterproofed mine with a synthetic friendly waterproofer, and wore gaiters, but my feet were totally dry despite tromping through lots of deep snow.

    1. Hey there hopefulhiker!

      Glad to hear that the correct size Zamberlans will work out for you! They look like a great boot from Jim’s review and I’m thinking about getting a pair for myself this spring!

      So funny that we found the Mammut’s at the same time! They were actually recommended to me by another reader. And that’s what I love about most Vegan Outdoor Adventures and meeting all of you. We’re all helping each other!

      I’m so excited that you loved the T Aenergy GTX! Would you be interested in writing a review for the site? (I’m also thinking about getting these to replace my old winter hikers.)

      Happy adventures!

  34. I have the Adidas. Thanks for confirming my choice, though I’ve heard Adidas is not very nice to kangaroos.

  35. I have an older set of asolo evolutions that I use for ice climbing. They are not a hiking boots in any way! Lol. Way too stiff with no flex in the ankle at all. Great for front pointing on frozen waterfalls, bad for walking. Kinda on the heavy side but super warm and completely waterproof.

    I’ve also used the LA Sportivas trango get (the silver ones) and they were an excellent winter boot. Relatively lightweight, warm, dry, comfortable to walk in and stiff enough to ice climb in.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Brian! I’ve added a note to the boot that it’s not a hiking boot. I’ve struggled with whether or not to create a new page for winter boots, for low hikers, for mountaineering boots… but it that getting to complicated? I’m not sure. haha But for now I have made it clear. Good call!

      Glad you liked the La Sportivas! I only wish I was able to try everything out before I put it on the site, but that’s impossible. ~ Jessica

  36. Hey Jessica! Have you been keeping up with the new outdoor line from Adidas? Most of the new Terrex shoes and boots appear to be vegan. I haven’t tried them yet, but they promise to be pretty lightweight for summer hikes and fast pushes.


    1. Hey Gary! Thanks for the heads up! And I just contacted them quickly to make sure their glues are synthetic and they said they are. Great news! I’ll check into them and add them onto the site. 🙂 ~ Jessica

  37. Thank you for the list, Jessica! When buying sneakers or normal shoes, I do not mind to buy them online. However, hiking boots really should fit and not just look good / be comfortable. I contacted several brands available in local shops. Good news from MAMMUT: all shoes not made with leather are vegan (they verified that glues are not based on animal products). For hiking they recommend “T Aenergy GTX“, or „T Cirrus Mid GTX“; for easier walks “Ultimate Low GTX”.
    best wishes!

  38. I have the Wicked Hemp hiking boots you featured in this post (men’s version, and in green/tannish color). I’ve had them for a few months and they have held up well so far to almost daily use trekking to the bus stops to and from work, as well as weekend day hikes. My feet stay pretty warm in them. I haven’t really had them out in super wet conditions to determine how wet my feet get, although they’ve been great walking on pavement in rain and snow, and sometimes muddy trails. I’d definitely get another pair if/when these wear out. So far, so good!

  39. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for such a thorough response and effort to track down and correct those details! I also looked at the Veggie Trekkers and was impressed. If I order either, it will be because of information I first found on this site. I’ll follow up with a review of any product listed here that I end up trying. It’s great to have such carefully researched product information available here, when vague or ambiguous details in online descriptions are often the norm.

    1. Hi Evan, Thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad my site has been helpful! I’d love to hear about the Veggie Trekkers if you do end up getting them. It would be amazing if the gear that was made by an all veg company was as good as the stuff made by dedicated outdoor companies! Let me know what you end up going with! ~ Jessica

    1. Hi Evan, thanks so much for taking the time to bring this up. I’ve had this problem with Amazon before and actually contacted them regarding the issue. I was looking up my winter sleeping bag, The North Face Dark Star -40 bag. And on Amazon it was listed as down. This sleeping bag is definitely not down! Amazon told me that many products are being sold by third party marketplaces and Amazon doesn’t control their listings. They did, however, send the issue to their investigations department.

      The Zamberlan SH Crosser is without a doubt not leather. I contacted Zamberlan directly to make sure they’re made with all synthetic materials. So either this listing is for a boot that is not the SH Crosser, or they have the materials listed incorrectly. If you check out the REI listing that I linked to, there’s no leather listed.

      I’m really glad you brought this up, because I totally forgot about the issue with the sleeping bag. I should probably put a disclaimer on each page here, letting everyone know to double check before ordering. Wouldn’t want anyone to get leather boots by mistake. :/

      Also, these look like really great boots. I just had a friend write up a review on them that I’ll be posting soon. I’m thinking about getting a pair soon!


  40. I have the boots from Vegetarian Shoes. They are very comfortable (with a thicker insole) and very sturdy and well built. I highly recommend them!

  41. I ordered the merrell grasshopper mid yesterday, before I see your page, should arrive on Friday. I am so glad despite the animal-based glue I just discovered that can make a shoe not vegan, even when it has no leather or suede, what I chose is still 100% vegan.

    Can’t wait to try it.

    1. Hi Ming! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and hooray for vegan hiking boots! Merrell is really knowledgeable about veganism and it’s so awesome that they consider glues when using the vegan label! Makes it so much easier for us! Let me know how you like the boots after you try them! 🙂 Jessica

  42. I purchased the Zamberlan’s – was SO excited to have a new lighter vegan hiking boot. They are super cute, and all the awards gave me high hopes. However, they just don’t work for me. I’ve been wearing them on shorter hikes trying to break them in, but they are painful for me. After about 5-6 shorter hikes, I took them on a longer trek yesterday, and my toes crunched in the toebox especially downhill and I’ve never had boots hurt so much. I will say they were waterproof – wore them in snow – but they hurt so much I will never wear them again. Guess I’ll try one of your other suggestions… Know anywhere I can sell lightly used boots?? 🙂

    1. Hi,
      I’m looking to give my first pair a try. What size are yours? Maybe I can give them a good home 🙂

      1. 8.5 – and! Turns out I got the wrong size! I re-ordered in my actual (larger) size and am going to give them a try. Let me know if 8.5 is the right size for anyone!

        I also ordered the trekstas… I have only tried them around the house but based on that alone I like the correct size zamberlans better. Have not decided if I am going to keep either. I would love to find a warmer boot – all the vegan boots I can find are more 3-season than snow/winter/all year use. Any suggestions?

    2. Hey there, hopefulhiker. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how the Zamberlans worked out for you. Bummer that they were no good. Hopefully your next pair will be better. I’m working on getting some gear reviews up, so that will definitely be helpful in the future. Have you tried the Trekstas yet? I’ve heard really good things about them!~ Jessica

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