Vegan Company Feature: Hoodlamb

Everyone knows we love a good vegan company. What do we love even more than that? A vegan & eco-friendly company!

In case you haven’t yet discovered them, we’d like to introduce you to Hoodlamb.

The company, based in the Netherlands, prides itself on being ecofriendly.

They use hemp to make most of their jackets. The hemp is organically grown and hand harvested.


“HoodLamb has been a hemp pioneer since the early 1990s. As a brand we are committed to leveraging its many benefits to create stylish, durable, sustainable clothing.

Hemp is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers – second only to spider silk. Hemp enriches rather than depletes the soil by shredding its leaves throughout the season, creating a rich compost. Hemp requires about half the amount of water that other agricultural crops do. Hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides, to grow. Hemp helps purify the soil, removing heavy metals. Hemp is considered a carbon negative raw material because its growth actually produces an outlet of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere.”

Hoodlamb is also human friendly. Their products are made at a few hand-picked factories known for high quality and excellent working conditions.

HoodLamb clothing and accessories are made from cruelty-free sources and is naturally free of harsh chemicals and toxins that can harm the skin. No animal products were used in the making of our collection.

Here is just a taste of what Hoodlamb has to offer!

Ladies’ Nordic Parka

Ladies’ Nordic Parka from Hoodlamb

“The Nordic Parka features a natural hemp and organic cotton herringbone outer shell which makes this jacket sturdy without weighing it down. The inner shell is insulated with Thermore® Rinnova, a duck-less down that resists extreme cold, and is lined with a 5mm pile height natural hemp and recycled PET faux-fur. The detachable hood comes with removable faux-fur trim. The Nordic Parka comes fully loaded with HoodLamb signature features such as a secret pocket, document pocket, headphone loops, and a microfiber-lined pocket for sunglasses.”

Men’s Classic HoodLamb

Men’s Classic HoodLamb

“The Classic features a water resistant, natural hemp and organic cotton outer shell that is sturdy and durable. It is lined with a 12mm pile height hemp and recycled PET faux-fur that protects from extreme cold. Double-stitched seams at stress lines ensure long-lasting wear. The Classic comes fully loaded with HoodLamb signature features such as secret pockets, headphone loops, and a microfiber-lined pocket for sunglasses. “

Hoodlamb Pom Pom Beanie

Pom Pom Beanie from Hoodlamb

“Soft washed knit beanie made with hemp and organic cotton featuring hemp Satifur cruelty-free fur pompom.”

Sea Shepherd Ruderalis Hat

Sea Shepherd Ruderalis Hat

“This russian military style hat features an outer shell made from hemp / organic cotton twill and is weather treated with HoodLamb’s organic hemp cellulose treatment. Lined with Satifur with naturally insulating properties. Featuring secret stash pockets and HoodLamb crest logo. Adjustable snap closure. Featuring custom Sea Shepherd Jolly Rogers embroidery and metal pin. “

Ladies’ Furry Hoodie

Ladies’ Furry Hoodie from Hoodlamb

“Classic zip-up hoodie made from soft hemp/organic cotton fleece. Featuring HoodLamb’s signature Satifur lining with naturally insulating properties. Features a secret pocket, document pocket and heavy duty YKK logo zippers.”
Do you have any Hoodlamb products? What do you think of them? Comment below and let us know!

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