5 Must-Have Pieces of Vegan Gear for Spring Hiking

Here in the Southern Adirondacks it was 52 degrees earlier this week! I was so excited that I went for a [very soggy] run.

Oh, right. I always forget about that completely wet and muddy transitional period that follows winter.

Lake Arnold Trail, Adirondack High Peaks

Lake Arnold Trail, Adirondack High Peaks

And while getting messy can be tons of fun, it will also affect the season’s hiking adventures. But don’t let it stop you. All you need is the right gear and some pre-hike prep!

So here are my five vegan gear must-have for spring hikes:

  • Gaiters: Gaiters are kinda like the legwarmers of the outdoor world. They go over your boots and pants to protect that in-between place where water, mud, pebbles, insects, or anything else can sneak into your boots. And they’re a huge must-have for plodding through puddles. Try the Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain High Gaiters.


  • Trekking Poles or a Walking Stick: Keeping your balance on a spring hike can mean the difference between staying dry and happy, and landing face first in an ankle-deep puddle (or worse – knee-deep stream) and getting completely soaked. I swear by my Black Diamond Trail Pro Trekking Poles. They’ll help you navigate tricky stream crossings and down slippery rocks.
  • Bonus: Extra everything! Extra socks, extra top, extra bottoms. Bring them. They’ll save you from being uncomfortably soggy, and very possibly cold, all day.


Of course, you should always have the 10 essentials with you, no matter what. Always play it safe, my friends.

A little extra weight in your pack and some extra time planning is worth being able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at you, while having the best time ever.


I’ll have more tips and tricks for muddy springtime hiking next time! Happy adventures, friends!

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