New vegan trail runners from Brooks

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, vegan ultrarunner Scott Jurek set the record time for thru-hiking (or thru-running, in this case) the 2189 mile long Appalachian Trail last year.

He completed the trail in an incredible 46 days.

If you’re quick at math, you’ve already realized that that boils down to 47.5 miles a day.

Yeah, he’s a beast.

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Well Brooks Running has done something super cool. [They also make my running shoe of choice – the Ghost]

They’ve taken two pairs of the shoes Scott actually wore on the trail, broken them down, and added them to 2189 pairs of the newest version of Cascadia trail runners!

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Now you can run in Scott’s shoes!

And to make it even better, Brooks is donating $5 from each pair sold to The National Parks Foundation.

Get yours here.

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