My Q&A with The Vegan Junction

The Vegan Junction is in the midst of publishing a pretty epic Q&A series. Have you checked it out yet?

It’s the Active Outdoor Vegans series and so far it includes competitive stand up paddler John Merryfield, Steph Davis, and… me!


Sheena of The Vegan Junction was kind enough to invite me to take part in the series and I’m really, really excited to share my Q&A with you.

I was asked things like what made me decide to go vegan, what made me want to become an outdoor adventurer, my favorite piece of gear & lots more!

Check it out here:

Now I want to hear from you. My favorite question was:

Do you feel being vegan has improved your awareness of/appreciation for your natural surroundings – trees, water, wildlife, etc.? Do you feel more connected to nature?

What’s your answer? Let me know in the comments below!

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