My Phelps Mountain Adventure!

(That’s me up there! With Mount Marcy and Mount Colden in the backround!)

My love, Andrew, and I had been itching to get into the mountains for some time now, but it always seems like our days off don’t match up or something was going already going on. Well, we finally had a Sunday off together and the weather forecast was perfect! Yes!

We decided on Phelps Mountain, in the Eastern High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. I had done Phelps before (but not as a vegan). It’s a pretty tame 4.4 mile trip each way from the Adirondak Loj parking area, the first 3.4 of which are rolling terrain, with glimpses of the view to come popping through the trees here and there.

It was my first trip through Marcy Dam since they rerouted the trail and partially drained the pond after damage from Hurricane Irene. The view from this point is magnificent, with Algonquin Peak, Mount Colden and Phelps Mountain dominating the skyline.


There was still a LOT of snow on the trails. Near the summit, a man who wasn’t wearing snowshoes stepped off the trail to let us by and sunk in to his waist! (Note: snowshoes or skies are required during snow season to keep the trails in good condition. Clearly they’re still a necessity at this point in the season!) It was nice to get back to winter for a day!

The last mile is all up hill, and pretty steep at times. I was definitely feeling the effects of a lazy winter!

We only passed a few other people on the trail, which was really great. I always worry about the trails being really busy on nice days.

We had the summit to ourselves, snacked on some PB&J sandwiches (with homemade raspberry jam made by Andrew’s sister!), and soaked in the beautiful view. It’s on the tops of mountains that I feel most centered. There’s nothing like looking around and enjoying the peaceful quiet. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky on Sunday. We were so lucky!

photo 2

We’re planning many more hiking adventures for the year. I hope to start doing some climbing as well (if this pesky wrist sprain ever decides to heal). Can’t wait!

Until next time, adventure on, vegan friends! <3

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