Vegan Insect Repellent Review: Woodstock Herbal Products Hikers’ Guard Deet Free

Camping, hiking, kayaking… getting outdoors is the best. Unless you’re being eaten alive by biting insects. They’re enough to put a damper on even the best outings. A reliable insect repellent is a must.

Woodstock Herbal Products

Woodstock Herbal Products is located in the adorable town of Woodstock, NY. IMG_5304And I’ve known owner Jim Van Alstine for years through Albany Vegan Network gatherings.  I was delighted when he offered up some samples of their Hikers’ Guard Deet Free Insect Repellent for me to try out.  I refuse to wear the heavy chemical stuff.  It smells nasty and I can’t stop thinking about what’s soaking through my skin. ::shudder::

Hikers’ Guard insect repellent spray and lotion are “no-compromise, tough formulas designed to effectively deter a wide range of flying, crawling and biting bugs”.  The Adirondacks are known for bad biting insect seasons… black flies and mosquitoes. Deer flies and horse flies. No-see-ums.  I was eager to see if Hikers’ Guard could protect me from these hungry bugs.

And I had just the occasion: camping with some of my Strong Hearts Vegan Power teammates for Fourth of July weekend!

My SHVP crew

My SHVP crew

We camped at Rogers Rock Campground on the northern shore of Lake George from Friday until Tuesday, and every evening the mosquitoes came out. I was a little lax putting on the repellent, because I always hope for the best, even though I know the insects will be coming for me. I got a few bites while I was procrastinating, not wanting to get up from my chair by the campfire to grab some Hikers’ Guard.

It works!

Once I put it on the mosquitoes left me alone. Ahhh, back to chilling by the campfire.

I was really impressed with how few bites I got while wearing Hikers’ Guard. What a relief not being an itchy, scratchy mess all weekend!

And the best part? I didn’t smell like a bunch of chemicals. I smelled like a combination of lemongrass, citronella, peppermint, cedar, cinnamon, rosemary and geranium – which are the ingredients that keep the little biters away.


vegan campfire food!

I can’t recommend Hikers’ Guard enough.

  • I love that it’s all natural and cruelty free. 
  • I love not smelling like chemicals
  • I love not getting a million bug bites
  • I love being able to choose the spray or lotion formula (I used a combination of both – lotion for my face and neck and spray for the rest of me)
  • I love supporting vegan businesses
  • I love being outdoors!

Get your Hikers’ Guard here and get outdoors!


Woodstock Herbal Products is a certified vegan company and offers many herbal extracts, from Ashwagandha to Valerian, and formulas including Cold & Flu Seasonal Support, Sinus Nasal Wash, Turmeric/Boswellia Joint Formula, Kava Calm Formula and many more.

Thanks again, Jim! Hikers’ Guard is now a must for me when I head outside!

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