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    I’m fairly new here so maybe the answers to all this is here somewhere -in which case I’m very sorry, but I can’t seem to find it (I get lost easily on websites ^^ )

    If all goes to plan, I should be spending some time in Rimouski in February. It’s apparently very cold there so I would like to know if you can recommend any super warm vegan coats and clothes? I am also planning on going on a oceanographic campaign for two months in the arctic circle, so I’d like them to be warm enough for that too. I’ll probably need hand and foot warmers too, and probably heaps of stuff I can’t think of so if you have any suggestions on what I will need, I’d be very grateful!

    Thanks so much for all the work you do to make it easier, I always go to your website whenever I need new gear!



    Hey Eleanor!

    Sounds like you’ve got some exciting adventures planned! I think the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to stay warm is layering. It can get pretty cold here in the Adirondacks (although not as cold as the Arctic, obviously), especially when I’m hiking in the High Peaks and get above treeline and into the wind.

    I always start with a synthetic base layer (I have EMS brand at the moment, but there are tons out there), then I wear snow pants on the bottom and my Patagonia Nano Puff under my North Face Cinnabar shell on top. I always bring another fleecy layer for top and bottom to add on if I need it. I have light running gloves, a medium weight pair and some super warm REI mittens that have saved my hands from freezing so many times I’ve lost count.

    I am having a bit of trouble finding thick and warm synthetic socks, so I always bring an extra pair to layer.

    I know this is all pretty vague, but I really do think that layering is the key.

    Let me put some feelers out on social media and see if anyone who’s been to these types of climates can chime in.





    Thanks so much!

    I’ll make sure to pack loads of clothes. Mittens are a great idea! I might have to wait till I’m in Canada to start buying though as I live in the South of France and I imagine there will be a better choice and cheaper prices over there and it looks like I’m going to have to buy most of my layers.

    Thanks again!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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