Vegan Hiking Boots Review: Eco Vegan Shoes All Terrain Pro Waterproof Hikers

Last summer I was contacted by the folks at Eco Vegan Shoes, asking if I wanted to try out a pair of their All Terrain Pro Waterproof vegan hiking boots.

Eco-Vegan-Shoes vegan hiking boots

Camping in the Lake George Wild Forest, Upstate NY.

They looked great, and from a vegan company? How could I say no!

The details on the boots:

According to their website, the hikers:

  • Insole: Replaceable Eco-Ortholite™ insoles for great hygiene, comfort and support
  • Outer material: Breathable microfiber and advanced Swiss fabric from Schoeller AB
  • Outsole: Light weight highly durable RPU™ sole
  • Outside sole profile: Anti slip pattern exceeding European SRC standards
  • Waterproof

The waterproof sock construction ensures you keep warm and dry, whatever the weather, whatever the conditions
In addition to the waterproof membrane  the laces are on the outside to keep the water out.
And they look great too with that black Schoeller ® fabric in the flexing area to make them super flexible!
Put it to the test. You will be impressed.

The boots are also ethically made. When I asked what exactly this meant, Eco-Vegan-Shoes responded, “We only work with ethical production partners and ensure our products have a low ecological impact by chosing the right materials.”

vegan hiking boots in the Adirondack High Peaks

In the Adirondack High Peaks

I put some miles on these hikers in the last few months of 2015.

I spent three days camping in the Lake George Wild Forest, with a short day hike included. I’ve worn them to a get-together at my family’s camp. And I’ve worn them on some serious day hikes, including a 12 mile day hiking Phelps and Tabletop Mountains, and a 14 mile day hiking Rocky Peak Ridge in the Adirondack High Peaks.

These trips in the High Peaks were long days, with a lot of elevation gain and rocky terrain. The Eco Vegan Shoes hikers really did impress me.

How did Eco-Vegan-Shoes vegan hiking boots hold up for me?

Late fall hike in the Adirondack High Peaks with Eco Vegan Shoes vegan hiking boots

Late fall hike in the Adirondack High Peaks

The sole, which has an anti-slip pattern, allowed me to get good traction on bare rock (once the trail got icy I did add a pair of Micro Spikes). It also is just rigid enough to provide support while not being too clompy. Is clompy a real word? What I mean is that you can still bend your foot as you walk, you’re not going around flat-footed, making that clomping sound.

They provided great ankle support, which is really important on long days on mountain trails. They also run a little wider than US style shoes, which I know is an issue for some people.

And they really are waterproof. I stepped into some serious water with these babies and my feet stayed dry – and warm. Even in the cold, windy weather of December in the High Peaks, my feet stayed warm in these boots.

The Eco Vegan Shoes hikers were comfortable from the time I first put them on to walk around the house.

I do have two minor complaints, neither of which is a deal-breaker for me:

  1. The tops of the boots rub around my calf. I know that this comes with the new boots territory. While I wouldn’t say they need to be broken in – in fact Eco Vegan Shoes touts this as one of their advantages – it takes my skin a while to get used to boots of different heights. The same happened with my other hiking boots.
  2. The round laces don’t stay tied as well as I’d like. Again, no big deal. I’ll likely buy new, flat laces at some point.

Should you try these vegan hiking boots?

All around I was very satisfied with these boots. I had been longing for a pair of hiking boots made by an all-vegan company that were rugged enough to wear in the High Peaks. I do love buying vegan options from non-vegan companies to show that there’s demand for these products, but supporting vegan companies really warms my heart.

I’m more than happy with the All Terrain Pro Waterproof vegan hiking boots from Eco Vegan Shoes. And I can’t wait to take them on many more adventures.

Order your pair here and follow Eco-Vegan-Shoes on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Taking in the view from Rocky Peak Ridge in the Adirondack High Peaks

Taking in the view from Rocky Peak Ridge in the Adirondack High Peaks


Ongoing Eco Vegan Shoes Adventure:

And now Zan has begun walking around the world in his Eco Vegan Shoes hikers. I wish him the best and hope his travels bring him through the Adirondacks when he gets to the States! Follow the adventure on Facebook & Instagram.

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