Vegan Snack Review: Crispy Fruit

A review by VOA Social Media Specialist Amy Shafer


In one of my recent snack reviews, I wrote “When it comes to food preferences, my only requirement is vegan. I enjoy eating just about anything.”

That said, many flavors of Crispy Fruit I wouldn’t recommend.

Crispy Fruit advertises as “All natural freeze-dried…Light, crispy texture”. They are vegan, gluten-free, and have no sugar added.

The texture of the snack reminds me of the Space Ice Cream I used to get at a science museum when I was a kid (pre-vegan days). While the texture is kind of fun, less fun is the off-putting smell, the way the product sticks to your teeth, and the so-so nutritional content. If you’re looking for a snack to curb hunger, find a different snack!

When VOA was first contacted about sampling the product, Jess and I thought Crispy Fruit could be a good way to carry fruit on the trail since fresh fruit can easily get squashed. Unfortunately, because Crispy Fruit is more like a chip, I don’t recommend these for an Outdoor Adventure. Luckily, there’s still dried fruit.


If this review has only made you curious, as lack luster reviews often do, here are the flavors I’ve tried in the order that I liked them:

  • Cantaloupe and Asian Pear were both fairly tasty.
  • Mango tastes like cardboard despite being one of the tastiest fresh and dried fruits.
  • Banana was weird tasting.
  • Pineapple had bits that were rock hard.

Two more notes on Crispy Fruit: 1.) This is a product of China. I mention this because some of our followers ask about the origins of products we feature, specifically if the products come from China. 2.) I couldn’t find how much a single bag costs in a store but if you buy a box of 16 on Amazon, the total is $16. So the price is at least decent.

amysAmy U. Shafer

Since going vegan herself in 2010, Amy has mentored over a dozen people on going vegan, most through the Peace Advocacy Network‘s Vegan Pledge. She is Vegan Outdoor Adventures’ social media specialist and general assistant. This October, Amy started her own business, Pigs Are Nice, to help vegans businesses reach new heights through social media marketing.

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