Black Mountain Adventure

The weekend before last, my love and I, along with Layla, hiked Black Mountain, the tallest Mountain on Lake George (although still a baby mountain at 2,665ft). It was a beautiful day and there were many hikers on the trail to the summit, with fewer descending via the loop option.


A lot of the trail was really muddy. I was wearing a pair of white running sneakers and, needless to say, they’re not white anymore. Oops!



This was the second time I had done this hike. I love it because it’s fairly close to home, not an all-out, go-for-broke hike and the views are spectacular.

IMG_0033Both times, I’ve taken the loop to get back. It’s a lot quieter, as many people take the straight up and back shorter hike. The loop passes by a few ponds and marshy areas.


View of Black Mountain from the loop.

There were so many pretty flowers. Andrew started calling me “Patty Pictures” because I was stopping every few steps to photograph something or other!


Anybody know what these are called?



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