BaseCamp Mallorca: an Ecofriendly and Sustainable Sportscamp

Friends, this is exciting.

I have met so many cool people through running this website and so many of you are doing awesome things.

The latest I’ve found out about is Dinko Skopljak and his project BaseCamp Mallorca.

This will be an ecofriendly and sustainable sportscamp on Mallorca for people looking for adventures while wanting to enjoy and respect nature while they stay.

According to their website, “BaseCamp Mallorca is the starting point for the best adventures of your life. Whether you are rocking trails on your mountain bike, getting in shape for the next Ironman, checking out the best deep water soloing and rock climbing spots with your buddies, or just kite surfing in the Mediterranean sun – this is where the action starts. This is the place for really awesome adventures.”

“The infrastructure for your Mallorca vacation is complete, with a cantina, equipment rental, clean sanitary facilities, a barbecue area and a playground. And all of it is 100% in harmony with nature.”

Here’s a look at the planned set up of the basecamp:



1. Reception, bath- & restrooms, “Cantina”, BBQ- & playground

2. Yoga & Meditation

3. Boulderareal



Find out more about the project in this video:

So what do you think? Does look like a place you’d like to stay for your next adventure trip?

Head to the BaseCamp Mallorca crowdfunding page to find out how you can help make this place a reality, and snag one of the cool rewards offered for donating, including free stays at the BaseCamp!

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