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Eco Vegan Shoes All Terrain Pro Waterproof Hiker ReviewWhen you’re planning your next big outdoor adventure, the one thing there is never enough of is time. Adding
veganism to the mix is a unique challenge, but it is a challenge I personally understand.

Researching every piece of gear, every article of clothing, and every new snack is job in itself. Product descriptions can be incomplete and confusing, writing to companies can be a waiting game.

Luckily, I’m already doing all of this work for you! On Vegan Outdoor Adventures you’ll find:

  • Links to vegan outdoor equipment (which I’ve personally confirmed contain no animal products)
  • Interviews with nature-loving vegans
  • My best tips and gear suggestions
  • Gear reviews

What our readers are saying:

“We are planning our second high peak hike in winter conditions this weekend. Your site has been an invaluable resource for our research. From selecting proper gear (that is also vegan), to backpacking meals, to winter hiking tips. We are truly grateful for all that you’ve done to help us truly enjoy our vegan outdoor adventures!” ~ Kimberly R., NY

“In March 2016, I set out for my first multi-day trek and I hadn’t really picked an easy one: I was trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest! I had to buy a lot of equipment for that trek and I wanted everything to be vegan. Some items were easy to find, others sent me on what felt like a real quest. Socks for example. Do you know how hard it is to find quality trekking socks made without merino wool? I started by researching options on Vegan Outdoor Adventures and the site made it easier for me to single out a few brands. I even contacted Jessica for advice, and you can tell she’s an expert in the field. Unlike me, she’s been on lots of long treks and has tested a lot of the equipment she talks about on her site. I found socks, thin ones, medium ones and thick ones, all vegan! And you know that without good socks, any long hike is going to be a nightmare!) Any time I need vegan outdoor gear, my first place to turn to is Vegan Outdoor Adventures!” ~ Melissa, Easy Vegan Life

“Vegan Outdoor Adventures is such a great resource for gear! I was planning a trip to Peru to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I wanted to find a good pair of hiking boots that were synthetic in keeping with my vegan lifestyle. I checked out the website page for hiking boots and decided on the Merrell Capra Mid Sport Gore-Tex. What a great pair of boots! They performed extremely well on my trip, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to this website, my search for boots was easy.”  ~ Liz R, NY

About Jessica Ryle:

Growing up just outside the Adirondack park, I’ve spent plenty of time outdoors. And I’ve shared your aggravation when trying to find outdoor equipment free of any animal products. That’s why I decided to start this website.

Why not do all of the leg work myself so that you don’t have to spend forever searching for outdoor essentials?


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  1. Hi!

    I e-mailed Trespass about vegan hiking boots and got this answer:

    Unfortunately at the moment we cannot guarantee that our products are suitable for vegans. This something we are looking at going forward, to make sure our factories are not using animal glue, however at the moment this is not the case.
    I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you, Claire.

    Maybe you wanna edit this on your blog post about the companies who can’t guarantee vegan friendly boots.

    Thank you for your exquisite site!


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