Vegan Sport Sandals

Last updated on 5/18/2017

Please read this disclaimer before purchasing.


Chaco uses all water-based adhesives! Yay! And in addition to being durable, they’re repairable. No more chucking your old sandals when they get run down!

Chaco Z/2

Chaco Z/2 Classic: Now featuring ChacoGrip™ rubber for our best performing Classic outsole to date. Experience our Classic Sandal like never before.
Also in men’s.

Chaco Yampa

The Chaco Women’s ZX/2 Yampa Sandal: Yampa sole is lighter weight with smaller tread.
Also available in men’s.


I was recently introduced to LUNA sandals by Kuntal Joisher. If you’ve never heard of him, check out this interview I posted with him last year. He swears by the Oso sandals and goes on some serious runs with them. LUNA offers three vegan sandal options:


Luna Oso 2.0

The LUNA Oso 2.0 sandals have aggressive tread and will protect your feet off road and on the trails.

Luna Mono Gordo

The LUNA Mono Gordo is the thickest “portable-ground” ride you’ve been looking for to take the edge off of those sharp rocks on the long trails, as a recovery sandal after your race, or to kick around town in comfort.

Luna Mono 2.0

The LUNA Mono 2.0 is made up of a super light, moldable Vibram® USA sole made in Massachusetts combined with the non-slip MGT footbed.


Luna Leadville Trail

The LUNA Leadville Trail boast Vibram sole, MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed.

Luna Venado 2.0

The Venado 2.0 is lightweight, comfortable, and has excellent ground feel. This sandal is great for running or walking on paved surfaces.

Olu Kai

OluKai Ho’opio

OluKai Ho’opio
* Simple, slim and fun.
* Anatomically molded.
*Nonmarking rubber outsoles with textured pods for enhanced traction and durability.

OluKai 'Ohana

OluKai ‘Ohana

OluKai ‘Ohana
* Water-resistant synthetic straps
* Rubber outsole grips wet surfaces
* Anatomical compression molded EVA midsole with a soft ICEVA drop-in footbed for both comfort and support.
Also in men’s.


Vibram Alitza Loop

Vibram Altiza Loop Fitness Yoga Shoe
* Polyester mesh upper with PU printing reinforcement
* Serrated blade lug design
* Machine wash cold. Air dry
Available in Women’s only.

Vibram Signa

Vibram Signa Boating Shoe
* Abrasion resistant stretch polyester mesh upper
* Vibram wave grip compound for slip-resistance on wet surfaces
* Drainage holes
Available in Men’s only.

Vibram VI-B

Vibram VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe
* XS Trek Outsole
* Zero Drop
* Machine wash cold. Air dry
Available in Women’s only.

Vibram VI-S

Vibram VI-S Fitness Yoga Shoe
* Form fitting and open sandal upper flatters the foot
* Stretch adjustable closure system with easy side release
* Serrated blade lug design outsole
Available in Women’s only.

Xero Shoes

Amuri Z-Trek

Xero Shoes Amuri Z-Trek Lightweight Sport Sandal
*Great protection and natural movement
*Secure fit and light-weight
* “the ultimate sport sandal.”
Also in Men’s.



“We currently cannot grantee 100% Vegan product due to not being sure about the glue we use in our shoes.”

“Currently at this time there is no plans in the works for a complete Vegan shoe. We did at one time but market did not show interest in the shoe.”

Contact KEEN: / 1-866-676-KEEN (5336)


After a Teva rep originally confirmed the Original Flip, Original Sandal & Original Universal Sandal were completely synthetic last summer, another rep has stated that they don’t make any vegan sandals at this time. After numerous attempts at contacting them, I’ve been unable to clear up this confusion. As such I’ve removed the sandals from this page. Please feel free to contact them and ask for 100% vegan options: 1-800-367-8382 or try their live chat or contact form.

Is this list missing your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • Kyla

    I love my Bedrock Sandals. It looks like at least their classic sandal is vegan. I can’t tell on the other ones they make.

  • Thanks for the information. One of my personal favorites (comfortable and stylish) is the vegan line from Jambu:

  • Gracy Keeler

    Is Reef Fanning Lux sandals a good vegan product? tx!

  • David

    I love my Chacos.
    I’m hard on my shoes, and my Chacos stand up better than any other sandals I’ve ever found.

    • jessica@veganoutdooradventures

      Thanks for this, David! Love hearing vegan gear success stories! ~ Jessica

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the great information!

    I’m torn, because I want to buy vegan sandals, but I also don’t want to be putting artificial substances like nylon into a landfill when my sandals wear out, which they will quickly, because I tend to only have one pair at a time….

    Do you know of any option for vegan shoes that aren’t also made of petrochemicals??? What’s a girl to do?

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for your message. I’ve been wanting to do a section on made in the USA products as well as earth friendly products and I just haven’t had a chance to do it yet.

      I can tell you that Chaco has a repair program so that you don’t have to chuck them when they’re worn out. And my friends at Fountain Square Outfitters have told me that they’ve had a pair of Chacos last 5 years. I think that may be a good start. I wish I could give you more information right now, but I’m just unsure at this point. It is on my list though! ~Jessica

    • Hi Sarah, Do a search for hemp shoes and sandals. There are a few sites, like Rawganique and ecodragon that sell 100% hemp footwear.

      • Thanks for jumping in here and providing this info! It’s greatly appreciated! 🙂 ~Jessica

    • Kat Ellison

      Try Chacos. Yes, they are a PU footbed but they last forever. My husband has a pair that’s 10 years and running strong. I only wear my chacos, even in winter, and my oldest pair of about 2 years still looks brand new (it was my only pair for over a year).

      • jessica@veganoutdooradventures

        Thanks for this, Kat!

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  • Anthony Hogwood

    Hi Jess

    Any more news about the Keen sandals?

    Thanks very much


    • Hey Anthony! Thanks for the reminder! I checked in with them a few weeks ago and they said their supply chain audit is still in process and it’ll be until probably the middle if this year. I’m crossing my fingers for good news! ~Jessica

    • Keen has finally updated me on their footwear: “We currently cannot grantee 100% Vegan product due to not being sure about the glue we use in our shoes.”

      When I asked if they had plans for a vegan shoe this was their reply:
      “Currently at this time there is no plans in the works for a complete Vegan shoe. We did at one time but market did not show interest in the shoe.”

      Please feel free to contact them and ask for a 100% vegan shoe/boot/sandal option. If we show them there is demand, they may change their minds. / 1-866-676-KEEN (5336)

      ~ Jessica

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